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Cotton Long Batti 100N 7″


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  • Natural Desi cotton
  • Specialised & high fibrous
  • Designed for Longer hours of lighting lamps & Less traces of oil in the lamp
  • Revival of traditional wicks quality
  • Hygenically packed
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Puja, a part of our lifestyle, is a tradition we all follow to show our love & respect to the creator of the Universe. At OM Bhakti, we are working to ease the puja Vidhi (process) at home with the range of Natural & Innovative puja products keeping pavitrata (purity) as the primary consideration.

Every puja which is performed has its own significance and needs different puja samagri. We feel privileged that we are a part of this need OM Bhakti is started with a vision to professionalize the unorganized puja essential sector and has already started transforming the Puja Needs Category at Modern Retail Chains & Kirana segment in India.

OM Bhakti has started with ‘Puja Cotton Wicks’ category products and has worked with Cotton Institutes to arrive at the best fit natural cotton grade, the making process with scientific backing to develop ‘Cotton Wicks’ which lights for longer time in the puja room. Similar approach is taken to develop other puja samagri which are consumed on a daily basis so that every devotee receives the natural and quality puja products.

Product Description

Lighting Diyas is a daily ritual at most of the Indian Homes. Cotton Wicks is the important part of the Diya. Wicks are usually made with Cotton, Cotton is one of the purest form of Fibre. Cotton Long Wicks are traditionally made from natural high fibrous desi cotton. The Cotton type and the process of making the wick is very important in the effectiveness of the Cotton Wick. Traditionally Cotton Wicks were suppose to light continuously for minimum 12 hours, as the Diyas were lighted before the Sunrise and then again just before the sunset. A good cotton wicks lights the diya peacefully for minimum 12 hours. Cotton Wicks are available at variety of sizes to suit the size of Diya used (Nandadeep, Samai lamp, Kuberdeep, clay diya etc..).

OM Bhakti Cotton Long Wicks (Batti) is used to light diyas for every day Puja. These Cotton Long wicks are high performing & are prepared with a scientific method using specialized natural cotton for longer diya lighting.


Step 1:- Take one pair of OM Bhakti Cotton Long Wick (Batti) and place it in the lamp.

Step 2:- Ensure the tip of the Wick (which will be lighted) is between 5MM to 7MM.

Step 3:- Take Pancha Deepa Oil and pour it into the lamp. Ensure that the tip is also wet with the oil.

Step 4:- Now light the lamp at the tip.

A lighted Diya reflects the positive energy that brightens up your life. Just close your eyes,

indulge yourself in prayers and feel the positive vibes around you.

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Dimensions 12.7 × 2.54 × 17.78 cm
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Cotton Long Batti 100N 7″