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Gangajal (Packed At Gangotri) 220 ML


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Puja, a part of our lifestyle, is a tradition we all follow to show our love & respect to the creator of the Universe. At OM Bhakti, we are working to ease the puja Vidhi (process) at home with the range of Natural & Innovative puja products keeping pavitrata (purity) as the primary consideration.

Every puja which is performed has its own significance and needs different puja samagri. We feel privileged that we are a part of this need OM Bhakti is started with a vision to professionalize the unorganized puja essential sector and has already started transforming the Puja Needs Category at Modern Retail Chains & Kirana segment in India.

OM Bhakti has started with ‘Puja Cotton Wicks’ category products and has worked with Cotton Institutes to arrive at the best fit natural cotton grade, the making process with scientific backing to develop ‘Cotton Wicks’ which lights for longer time in the puja room. Similar approach is taken to develop other puja samagri which are consumed on a daily basis so that every devotee receives the natural and quality puja products.

Bring home the purity and sanctity of Gangajal , and let it fill your life with positivity and blessings. Gangajal is considered to be the purest and most sacred water in Hindu culture, sourced from the holy river Ganges. It is believed to have miraculous powers that can cleanse the soul and bring good luck and prosperity.

At Om Bhakti, we understand the importance of purity and sanctity in our spiritual practices, which is why we bring you the purest form of Gangajal. Our Gangajal is sourced from the pristine waters of the river Ganges, and it is packaged with utmost care to maintain its purity and sanctity. Our product is free from any impurities and is bottled in a hygienic environment, making it safe for all your religious needs.

Whether you are performing a puja, conducting a religious ceremony, or simply seeking blessings, Om Bhakti Gangajal is the perfect choice for you. Our Gangajal can help you purify your mind and body, and connect with the divine at a deeper level.

Direction of use:

1.Start by cleaning the Puja area and setting up the required Puja items, including the deity idol or photo, incense sticks, diyas, and other offerings.

2.Take the Gangajal and sprinkle it around the Puja area, starting from the entrance and moving clockwise around the Puja area. This is believed to purify the environment and eliminate negative energies.

3.Take a few drops of Gangajal in your palm and offer it to the deity idol or photo while chanting mantras and prayers. This is believed to purify the offerings and make them more acceptable to the divine power.

4.You can also sprinkle a few drops of Gangajal on yourself and other members of your family, as it is believed to bring positive energy and blessings.

5.After the Puja ceremony is complete, you can pour the remaining Gangajal in a clean container and store it for future use. It is recommended to use a separate container for storing Gangajal and avoid mixing it with other liquids.

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Gangajal (Packed At Gangotri) 220 ML
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