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Om Bhakti Ready to Draw – Rangoli Kit (with Rangoli Powder) 4 Stencils


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  • Made to brighten your home festive decoration
  • Can be used as a decoration of Entrance of home
  • office and temples
  • Auspicious way of welcoming gods
  • Made by local women and has no harmful chemicals
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Puja, a part of our lifestyle, is a tradition we all follow to show our love & respect to the creator of the Universe. At OM Bhakti, we are working to ease the puja Vidhi (process) at home with the range of Natural & Innovative puja products keeping pavitrata (purity) as the primary consideration.

Every puja which is performed has its own significance and needs different puja samagri. We feel privileged that we are a part of this need OM Bhakti is started with a vision to professionalize the unorganized puja essential sector and has already started transforming the Puja Needs Category at Modern Retail Chains & Kirana segment in India.

OM Bhakti has started with ‘Puja Cotton Wicks’ category products and has worked with Cotton Institutes to arrive at the best fit natural cotton grade, the making process with scientific backing to develop ‘Cotton Wicks’ which lights for longer time in the puja room. Similar approach is taken to develop other puja samagri which are consumed on a daily basis so that every devotee receives the natural and quality puja products.

Product Description

Rangoli is a traditional art form from India that involves creating colourful designs and patterns on the floor using materials such as rice powder, coloured sand, flower petals, and other natural materials. Rangoli is usually created during festive occasions like Diwali, Holi, and other cultural celebrations. Drawing Rangoli gives greater activation of the Divine Principle, benefiting the entire atmosphere and the individuals performing the puja. Only women should draw rangoli for a puja, because women can easily imbibe the subtle-Principle of a Deity and are sensitive in generation of designs that portray the subtle-vibrations associated with the respective Divine Principle. As a result, the Divine Principle active in the universe gets easily attracted to the rangoli and gets activated. That is why, for an individual in the preliminary stage, getting the rangoli drawn by a woman is beneficial. Since rangolis are associated with waves of art to some extent, the Anahat- chakra of the women drawing it is activated. As a result, their sensitivity in imbibing Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) increases and it enables them, to an extent, to easily imbibe the subtle and even the higher level Principle emanating from the puja. Rangoli is considered to be a form of creative expression and a way of welcoming guests into the home. It is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

OM Bhakti Rangoli is made from white stone which is finely powdered as it will be helpful to draw rangoli by hand and also by using stencils and also its pure and natural stone powder without any adulteration to it. 

How To Use It:

1)Take Rangoli powder in your hand and can be drawn on the floor in front of puja room or at the entrance of the home 

2)Take Rangoli powder in the stencils and can made with desired rangoli art .

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Om Bhakti Ready to Draw – Rangoli Kit (with Rangoli Powder) 4 Stencils