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OM Bhakti’s core objective is to make Puja at Home more peaceful with its Quality and innovative Puja Items. OM Bhakti follows the logo “Perform Puja Peacefully”

For your puja needs at home

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Why OM Bhakti?

      Most of us perform or would like to perform puja at home, but due to
    • shortage of time
    • not so easily available quality puja items
    • no innovative items to reduce the puja time
...we end up performing puja not so peacefully OR not perform OR postpone the puja.
With OM Bhakti’s good collection of Quality and Innovative Puja items, You would be able to “Perform Puja Peacefully” at home.
In a relaxed/easy way you can browse the Categories of and book the puja items required for your regular or festival needs. OM Bhakti also has a category “Daily Puja Needs” which has most of the Puja Items which are required on a daily basis, thus saving your time in buying the Puja Items in a single screen.
OM Bhakti Categories of Daily Puja Needs, Puja Kits, Puja Utensils, Puja Clothing, Puja Books & Music, Puja Mantap, Religious Return Gifts, Festival Gifting and Puja Room Décor will give you good options and are purely designed for the home usage.
For a Puja/Function at home, if you are planning to give return gifts then OM Bhakti “Religious Return Gifts” Category gives you options to select a gift suitable to your occasion and the budget. These gifts are of high quality & nicely packed thus ensuring your guests will be happy after using the gift.
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